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Europe's best web TV station

In Berlin, a most picky jury - consisting of top executives from the largest European business groups, media groups and universities - presented the European Digital Communication Award 2013. And in the category "Best web TV" was named the winner! You can view our presentation to the jury (needless to say this was partly in the form of a video) by clicking the link below

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Ib Fredslund Madsen: Market turbulence is a preview of unsteady 2015

The dramatic fall in the rouble and the low oil price has caused insecurity in global financial markets. But that does not change Jyske Banks Outlook for 2015.
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The Senior Strategist: The oil price is a falling knife

Last week was the worst for equities in years. The big tricker is the continuing fall in oil prices, says Jyske Banks Senior Strategist Ib Fredslun...
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Outlook 2015: The Senior Strategist looks at the year ahead

Jyske Banks Senior Strategist Ib Fredslund Madsen looks at the major themes on the financial markets in 2015 and gives his view on the different as...
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The Senior Strategist: Thin Week with spot on centralbanks

A rather thin week ahead but the outcome of the ECB loan auction Thursday will attract investor attention.
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The Senior Strategist: Oilprices, ECB-meeting and US job report in focus

Busy week ahead: Oilprices are dropping and we have four major central bank meetings and a number of critical economic data including the US job re...
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The Senior Strategist: Here's this weeks most important events

Jyske Bank Senior Strategist Ib Fredslund Madsen outlines this weeks most important investor events and themes.
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The Equity Strategist: Watch out - turmoil ahead

According to Jyske Bank Equity Strategist Lars Møller Pedersen several indicators point towards a risk of yet another round of increasing turmoil a...
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