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Black Friday: Will shoppers help stocks rally?

It's Thanksgiving this coming week followed by Black Friday, the official kickoff for holiday shopping. All eyes are on the American shopper.
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The Senior Strategist: Negative short term effect from terror attack

The tragic events in Paris in the weekend is off course a major theme Monday. Markets are opening to the negative side, but a bounch back is expected.
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The Senior Strategist: A Fed rate hike in December moves closer

Robust U.S. jobs report makes it much more likely that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in December. This week also plenty of Chinese...
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The Senior Strategist: Grim October job report likely to delay Fed move

The US job report for October will be announced Friday. The outcome will be watched closely by investors due to the close link between US job growt...
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Jyske Bank: Disappointing third quarter but good news for shareholders

A profit of DKK 250m for the third quarter is characterised as 'seen in isolation, not satisfactory'. However, shareholders can look forward to the...
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The Senior Strategist: Focus on FeD-meeting and GDP figures

Investors are going to look to the US for important events and figures this week. FeD-meeting Wednesday and Q3 GDP figures Thursday are among this...
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The Senior Strategist: Here are this weeks key investor events

Senior Strategist Ib Fredslunds Madsen outlines the most important investor events and themes in the week ahead.
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