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Europe's best web TV station

In Berlin, a most picky jury - consisting of top executives from the largest European business groups, media groups and universities - presented the European Digital Communication Award 2013. And in the category "Best web TV" was named the winner! You can view our presentation to the jury (needless to say this was partly in the form of a video) by clicking the link below

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The Senior Strategist: Busy Week Ahead

For market watchers this week it's all about the Fed, GDP, and jobs. Investors will have to wait until Friday for the main event of the week: the all-important July jobs report.
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The Senior Strategist: Geopolitical uncertainty vs US earnings season

The theme of the week according to Jyske Bank Senior Strategist Ib Fredslund Madsen: Geopolitical uncertainty vs US earnings season.
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The Senior Strategist: Old wounds within the Eurozone opened again

European equities taking the worst beating with 3,6 percent on the Portuguese banking crisis. Ib Fredslund Madsen gives his equity outlook for this...
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Jyske Bank: Higher interest rates within next six months

Surprisingly for many, interest rates did not rise during the first six months of 2014. But with higher growth they will move up in the coming mont...
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The Senior Strategist: Full focus on the U.S.

The financial markets will have their eyes fixed on the U.S. in the coming week. FED minutes wednesday, and earnings season kickoff tuesday, are so...
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Bragging for Women

Nordic Coach Group is a network for women in New York. The mission is to empower leaders and managers to achieve outstanding professional and perso...
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The Senior Strategist: Markets waiting for big Thursday

Two major events will dominate the sentiment on the financial markets this coming week. Both the U.S. Jobs Report and a meeting in the ECB will tak...
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