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Europe's best web TV station

In Berlin, a most picky jury - consisting of top executives from the largest European business groups, media groups and universities - presented the European Digital Communication Award 2013. And in the category "Best web TV" was named the winner! You can view our presentation to the jury (needless to say this was partly in the form of a video) by clicking the link below

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The Senior Strategist: 150 US Earnings Reports might affect markets

Best week for S&P 500 in a long time. And the US Earnings Season continues with almost 150 companies reporting this week.
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The Senior Strategist: Nervous investors might send markets in the red

Tensions in the Ukraine, dissapointing earnings from the US and slowing growth in China has investors concerned going into a tough Easter Week on t...
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Exclusive interview with the US Ambassador to Denmark

Interview with Rufus Gifford. The top fund raiser who helped secure the presidency for Obama.
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Bonaverde: From green beans to fresh coffee in one machine

The german startup Bonaverde wishes to revolutionize the coffee industry with a machine that roasts green beans, grinds them and brews the coffee....
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Jyske Bank: Interest rates will rise

The interest rates in the safe havens have fallen recently, but increases in interest rates will shape the next 12 months
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The Senior Strategist: Entering year 6 of the equity bull market

Today we are entering year 6 of the equity bull market. S&P 500 are up almost 180 pct. since March 2009.
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The Senior Strategist: No change in strategy despite Ukraine tension

News of a Russian military intervention in Crimea have raised fears of a geopolitical conflict.
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