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Europe's best web TV station

In Berlin, a most picky jury - consisting of top executives from the largest European business groups, media groups and universities - presented the European Digital Communication Award 2013. And in the category "Best web TV" was named the winner! You can view our presentation to the jury (needless to say this was partly in the form of a video) by clicking the link below

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The Senior Strategist: Grexit edges closer

Eurozone officials meet for further crunch talks on Greece this week amid warnings that time is running out for the country to avoid defaulting on its debts.
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The Senior Strategist: US Q1-reports to set the tone for the week

The US Q1 earnings season rolls on this week with some of the major banks and industrial companies reporting. The signals from the US will set the...
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The Senior Strategist: Q1 Earnings season and lower oil prices in focus

Equties and bonds both performed quite well first quarter 2015. This week: Fed minutes and Q1 Earnings Season starts.
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The Senior Strategist: Will Yellen lose her patience Wednesday?

Wednesday's Fed meeting is this week's most important event. Will Chairwoman Janet Yellen still use the word 'patient' about Fed's monetary policy?...
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Welcome to a different bank

Jyske Bank is 'a weird fish' in the Danish banking sector. Get an insight into the third-largest bank in Denmark.
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The Senior Strategist: ECB begins economic stimulus

The European Central Bank is beginning a trillion-euro program to stimulate growth and ward off deflation.
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The Senior Strategist: Get Out of Danish Equities

Expect a busy week, with key economic data out of the US - including the closely analysed US jobs report - and a central bank meeting in Europe.
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