deendeenthe rebound will continue but when? very disturbing black swan? charles fishmanMr. Madsen: Kudos to your hair stylist. Good to see that you have given up the "Ichabod Crane" look for the Ne... Ian SherdleyVery interesting and enlightening, if somewhat complicated for the normal client. Hopefully Jyske will follow th...

The Senior Strategist: The Rebound Will Continue

Several major problems contributed to the overall slide in prices during January. Higher share prices on the last day of January will be the start of a small rebound.
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The Senior Strategist: Equity rebound will continue

After a very negative start to the year equities rebounded last week closing in plus for the week. Senior Strategist Ib Fredslund Madsen believes t...
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The Senior Strategist: Don't Panic

The market has been on a stomach churning ride since the start of the year. Jyske Bank's Senior Strategist believes the market is overreacting.
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The Senior Strategist: Is sentiment going to turn positive this week?

Equites are off to the worst weekly start to the year for 100 years due to the turmoil in the Chine stock market. Senior Strategist Ib Fredslund Ma...
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The Senior Strategist on China: Don't Overreact

It has been a tumultuous week of trading for global stock markets, but global investors are overreacting to bad news from China, says Jyske Bank.
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Christmas Dinner with Wassim Hallal in Hell's Kitchen

Michelin chef and TV host Wassim Hallal invited 100 of Denmark's underprivledged to Christmas dinner at his restuarant Frederikshøj Kro in Aarhus.
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The Senior Strategist: Further drop in oil price attracts attention

The oil price continues to drop. Brent oil trading around 36 dollar pr. barrel and down almost 40 pct. year to date. Off course a theme for the fin...
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