Gibraltar: An English territory with southern characteristics

Gibraltar has always had a strategic role. Earlier the British used the colony as naval base and today the financial sector and the harbour are of great importance.(Gibraltar, Finance, tax-free, military, naval, United kingdom, Denmark, Jyske Bank, british, spanish, rock, )

Gibraltar has always had a strategic role. Earlier the British used the colony as naval base and today the financial sector and the harbour are of great importance.

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Gibraltar: An English territory with southern characteristics

June 9, 2010 02:41 PM

Gibraltar has always had a strategic role. Earlier the British used the colony as naval base and today the financial sector and the harbour are of great importance.

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Carlos  June 10, 10:11 PM
Another biased documentary in English that does not bother for a second to express the Spanish view on the conflict. Because believe it or not there's a conflict here. I don't lose my hope one day there shall be a fair an balanced documentary over Gibraltar reality that includes the Spanish point of view.

Paul  June 12, 06:48 PM
The documentary paints a fair picture of Gibraltar. The only bias is in the eye of observer Carlos.

Carlos  June 12, 08:11 PM
You would wish there was no disent in Spain about Gibraltar's delusional independence aspirations. But I'm sorry, I'm afraid there is disent. Not showing that part of the story is bias. Not a single line dedicated to the Spanish point of view, poor journalistic work.

sw278  November 17, 12:54 PM
For a short documentary that is filmed very professionally there are shortcomings on the pronounciations of many words

BB2B  January 30, 12:29 PM
Carlos. The documentary is about Gibraltar, not Spain. Your so-called dissent in Spain is due to Spanish Govt policy. I don't see many Spaniards taking to the streets in Spain in their thousands to demonstrate about Gibraltar. Many people in nearby Spain depend on Gibraltar's economy for jobs and income. That is fact and reality.

Carlos  January 30, 12:56 PM
In Spain there's an overwelming support for the Spanish Gibraltar cause, as expressed in many public gatherings around the country where this topic was the main attraction. Namely in October thousands gathered in Seville in support for a Spanish Gibraltar, with no government support whatsoever. Most Spanish people have so far left on the Government the duty to defend our national rights in the area. If the Government neglects this duty things would be quite different.

The so-called depending areas in the Campo are just a result of an artificial displacement of wealth, provoked by the fact of a disruption of the territorial continuity and the parasitary-like economic schemes of the colony.

Carlos  January 30, 01:01 PM
This very same bank is a perfect example of the kind of business Gibraltar wishes to attract. The one that provokes the inequity across the border. It's opacity policy has been denounced multiple times, finally autorithies are starting to get tough, and multinational banking agencies won't have it that easy to scape the rule of law. Jyske Bank itslf was fined with a 1.7 million euros for renouncing to provide information about its clients.

BB2B  January 30, 01:02 PM
Carlos, after reading your little speech I think I will leave the readers to decide who is being "delusional" in here.

hispanophile  October 21, 11:40 PM
Carlos Your Spain is a wonderful varied country full of interesting successful and intelligent people. It is therefore despairing to hear you bleat about Spain' anachronistic claim to a small territory with a defined and different population that is neither British nor Spanish. As immigration continues into mainland Europe particularly from North and West Africa I think that in time you will realise that small minded colonial ambitions have no place in the modern world. When are you going to let us have your opinion on giving Ceuta and Melilla to Morocco on the basis of territorial integrity or do you think the rights of resident Spaniards there rate more than the rights of the residents of Gibraltar. Broaden your mind you foolish and shallow man.

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