Back to the Sixties

June 10, 2010

Berben´s Effectenkantoor in Weert in the northern part of the Netherlands is hosting a rock concert and bringing the sixties back to life.

Chris Andrews, Pussycat and Thunderstrings are all contributing to the show - performing hits such as "Pretty Belinda", "Yesterday Man" and "You Never Walk Alone".

Lon Berben is the founder of Berben´s Effectenkantoor B.V but he is also a rockmusician. Back in the sixties he was the guitarist and lead singer in the band "The Thunderstrings". However in the seventies, eventhough the band was a huge hit, he decided to quit the music scene and focus on the investment company Berben´s Effectenkantoor, which he already at that time had established.

But a few years ago, after his retirement, the Thunderstrings decided to reunite. And today the band play a few concerts a year to bring the sixties back to life.

And at the concert in Weert the 22nd of May - indeed they did.