Danish Economy Outlook Q3

October 08, 2010
In this clip, Jyske Market's Senior Macro Analyst Niels Rønholt talks about a new report he has authored on the state of the Danish Economy after the third quarter of 2010.

Rønholt says the Danish economy has been performing reasonably well and that by Danish standards, growth has actually been high. Demand has been lifted by the low interest rates, the tax cuts, and the global upturn and production has grown even more. Companies are no longer reducing stocks, and that means higher activity.

The most dramatic part of the crisis is now well behind, but plenty of challenges remain, Rønholt points out. There is idle capacity galore. Ahead waits slower growth in a situation where high debt rates continue to render the global economy fragile.

Download the entire text of the report, Marking Time after a Short Sprint, by clicking here.