David Frum, former speechwriter for Bush, on the bankbonuses and financial regulation

January 11, 2010

Republican strategist and conservative bestselling author David Frum has been an outspoken critic of his the party'srole in the debate about  solutions and reactions to the financial cricis. What does he think about huge bankbonusses and financial regulation?

 By Lasse Engelbrecht Jensen. Camera Thomas Idorn Hass. redaktionen@jyskebank.dk


Bio David Frum:

Former speechwriter for George W. Bush, conservative commentator, columnist, and author of several books. Prominent among them the New York Times bestseller "The Right Man", the first insider account of the G.W.B presidency.

Frum is also known for crafting Bush's Axis of Evil Speech, and for his critique of the so called "angry wing" of the Republican Party and people like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.