Dr Qvortrups Cab: Fine feathers make fine birds

October 11, 2010

The cut, the adjustment and the unique Savile Row look. Deep down below Savile Row you find a world of its own. The fabled street of tailors in London where men queue up to have their suits made.

See how and learn the advice of Savile Row tailor Jasper Littman on clothing – for instance, does wearing a belt reflect style?

About prices: A Jasper Littman personally tailored suit (semi bespoke) - as Dr Qvortrup has got - starts from £749. A fully bespoke suit starts from £2500. (www. http://www.jasperlittman.co.uk/).


Camera Jan Rørkær. Produced by Mads Qvortrup and Anette von Benzon, avbenzon@jyskebank.dk


Bio: Professor Mads Qvortrup

Mads Qvortrup is the author of five books on politics, including a book on Danish prime ministers, Fogh, Kragh, Schlüter og Stauning (Borgen 2009), as well as A Comparative Study of Referendums  (Manchester University Press 2005). He has written for such newspapers as the  Guardian, the Glasgow Herald and the Sunday Express, and he often appears as an expert on BBC World and Danmarks Radio (Danish Broadcasting Corporation).

In addition to being a journalist and adviser, Mads Qvortrup taught for five years at the world-famous London School of Economics and was a guest professor at the University of Sydney in Australia.