Dr Qvortrups Cab - More direct influence to the people

April 15, 2010

Modern man has views spanning from right-wing parties to left-wing parties. We no longer adhere to one party only. Politicians move to the centre of politics to appeal to as many voters as possible, but this is not the answer – and it is no cure for disgust with politicians and lack of commitment in society.

Now the time has come for bespoke democracy where an increasing number of decisions are ordered and taken by the people, says Dr Mads Qvortrup.

Something is brewing in the UK. The Britons should manage the UK themselves and be able to put an end to tax increases, appoint chiefs of police and operate post offices, says David Cameron (Conservatives) who just now looks set to win the UK election.

In addition, he intends to give the people direct control of the way they are managed locally as well as nationally.

By Mads Qvortrup. Cameraman and editor Jan Rørkær. Produced by Anette von Benzon, avbenzon@jyskebank.dk