Exclusive interview with Henrik Fisker: The creator of the world’s most awesome electric car

August 27, 2009

Henrik Fisker challenges the traditional auto industry. With his great electric car he tries out totally different avenues – perhaps his car is the car of the future? We talk to him at this design studio in the US.


Bio: The BBC people were eagerly waiting in the wings when Henrik Fisker was interviewed by jyskebank.tv, and recently the Danish car designer was featured on the front page of the renowned Forbes Magazine. His theories attract much interest and everybody wants to see the Fisker Karma car.

Henrik Fisker was born in Denmark in 1963; he is the leading designer and CEO of Fisker Coachbuild.  Previously he designed cars for Aston Martin and BMW, among others.

By Lasse Engelbrecht Jensen. Camera/editor: Thomas Hass. 

See also: Fisker Karma på vej til Århus [in Danish only]

Produced by: Anette von Benzon, avbenzon@jyskebank.dk