Financial Friday: An icy cocktail

February 05, 2010
Despite the EU Commission's backing of Greece's plan to regain control over its public debt, investors are still spooked. The Dow hit it's lowest mark in over two months on Thursday based in large part on nervousness about debt problems with Greece and the January US Job Report.

We also focus on Emerging Markets where in 2010 Investors should keep a close eye on elections in a number of important countries.  These elections could affect governmental and central bank relationships and, ultimately, currency rates and bond issues.

The Dynamic Duo looks specifically at what this could mean specifically for Brazilian Real denominated bonds.  We also look at Pfizer, which disappointed with its Q4 reporting and has been reduced to a sell by Jyske Markets. You can read more on Jyske Markets most recent analysis of Brazilian Bonds and Pfizer/Sandolfi Aventis here.