Financial Friday: Farewell Financial Crisis

September 25, 2009
A year ago, the global economy was in freefall and on the verge of its worst crisis in 70 years.  Now the recession is over and there are solid prospects for a spike in growth in the coming quarters, so says Jyske Markets who has recently published a new report on the state of the global economy called "The Upswing Gains Momentum".

Economist Tina Winther Frandsen, one of the authors of the report, is in the studio to explain which signs point to the recession's end and to talk about the factors that will fuel growth in the coming months. The stimulants fueling the upturn, she says, will continue for up to a year before evening out later in 2010 when the economy will be driven by more natural factors like consumer spending. She also talks about what to expect of interest rates in the coming quarters.

Equity Strategist Per Hansen stops in to talk about what the end of the recession means for equity prices and to talk about strategies - and tactics - to help investors.

The Dynamic Duo focuses on two pharmaceutical companies, the giant Pfizer, and the up-and-comer, NeuroSearch.  Both have  big projects underway in the coming months, which have caused Jyske analysts to hold a buy recomendation for the two.