Financial Friday: Greece Lightning

January 22, 2010
Greece's debt obligation problems continue to strike the markets like a lightning storm, creating nervousness among investors and striking over into the emerging markets, foreign exchange and bonds markets.  This is just one of the primary themes investors should pay attention to in 2010, says Investment Strategist Ib Fredslund Madsen of Jyske Markets. Madsen discusses how investors should adjust the composition of their portfolio to maintain balance and delves deeper into other themes portfolio investors should pay attention to in the coming year. Read more on Ib's comments in the publication, Crosswise.

President Obama went bank busting this week taking the first steps toward implementing measures discussed at the recent G20 meeting in Pittsburg. Obama proposed both a tax on banks who received governmental help during the financial crisis and presenting measures that would rein in business practices in the financial sector.  Will financial news be free in the future? Not everywhere, some of the world's most influential media are beginning to charge for content as means of stemming revenue loss.

The Dynamic Duo this week includes investment oppourtunities in Irish glass container company Ardaugh Glass and Greek government bonds.