Financial Friday: Junk to Gems

January 15, 2010

Q4 reporting has begun, and Greece and (maybe) the Euro are under pressure. In this edition we look at whether bonds will win the returns race again in 2010, plus the Dynamic Duo and weekly headlines.

For equities, the week ahead will be marked by reporting from major banks, which are an important and transparent indicator of the state of the general economy. Banks have continued to ride the yield curve – and that will get them through again this time as well, say analysts in Jyske Markets. Look for reports in the coming six days from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Wells Fargo on the way next week. Get the entire economic calendar for the week here.

Our Corporate bond discussion with Bo Andersen gives a preview of his coming research report on the same subject that will be available from January 18 at

And the Dynamic Duo takes up the TDC IPO prediction again, with recommendation on a bond named: TDC €5.875% 2015We also talk about the Cable and how the currency spread between the commonwealth and the colonies could work to investors advantage in the coming three months.