Financial Friday: Leaner means meaner for stocks

November 06, 2009
Equity Strategist Per Hansen parachutes into the studio this week with the view from 35,000 feet of third quarter results and what lies ahead for Q4 and beyond. Teamwork is the key word right now, he says, because everyone is working together to create a fertile environment for equity growth. This is expected to continue in Q4 and possibly beyond but there are some things that could concern the markets that investors should be aware of.

We return to the equity market with this week`s Dynamic Duo, where we have asked Jyske Markets to give us a couple bets for companies that will come out best in Q4 of 2010, when it becomes clearer whether the current optimism is short or long lived.  Watch to hear which two blue chips seem best suited to be in black by the end of next year.