Financial Friday: Strong Euro, Weak Europe

November 20, 2009
Jyske Bank analyst Helle Varming joins us in the studio to talk about how developments in FX markets are affecting the Euro and how that could, in turn, affect Europe`s export competitiveness.  Rumours in the market are that the European Central Bank might intervene and take actions to hold the Euro in check.  But how real is this prospect and does the ECB have any business in this discussion at all?  Helle talks about this and some of the other details from the latest edition of FX-Spot On.

Our Dynamic Duo has something for both sellers and buyers this week as we talk about both 3M and Nokia. One is on the way to the sell list and the other retains its solid buy recommendation. And we also talk briefly about new bond issues from Panama and Qatar issued this week that look promising for Emerging Market investors.