Financial Friday: The Bulls and Bears of South Africa

September 18, 2009
The eyes of the world will be on South Africa in a few months, when the country plays host to a long summer of football at the FIFA World Cup, but Financial Friday sets focus on the Rainbow Nation today. In this edition we talk about some of the important developments in this emerging market and where Jyske Bank is both Bearish and Bullish on investments. 

You can also read a more detailed prospectus on South Africa here.

On Tuesday, the Danish Bank, Sydbank, issued over 6.7 million new shares - a capital increase of just under 10 percent. In so doing it picked up 878 million kroner.  Despite the issuance, the bank’s stock remained stable and it retains a buy recommendation, watch this edition and find out why.

Royal Dutch Shell is the other half of the Dynamic Duo and on the list of “International Winners” among Jyske Bank’s analysts.  We discuss why Shell looks suited for continued success in the coming year.