Financial Friday: These sectors are hottest right now

September 11, 2009
Jyske Bank has released its third quarter sector analysis, which evaluates how equities are likely to perform in various sectors in the coming weeks.  

We take a quick look at how the sectors are analyzed and which sector’s stocks are expected to perform best as the hands on the “investment clock” begin to point toward recovery.

Tina Georgi helps explain Jyske Bank’s approach and talks about what is hot right now.  She also advises investors to ride out any bumps in the market in September, a time when slight fallbacks are common.

The other members of your foursome may tease you about your slice, but you could be the one laughing last in the clubhouse if you are considering buying Callaway stock.  The golf products manufacturer Callaway is the first of the Dynamic Duo along with Electronic Arts (EA), the world’s largest producer of video games, and a company whose ticker you should look at closely - even if you aren’t interested in gaming.