Financial Friday: Waxing Brazilian...

October 02, 2009

Brazil's economy is now the tenth largest in the world and expected to come into the top 5 within the coming decade.  It was also the first country to emerge from the global financial crisis -  in large part because of a stong currency, political stability and optimism for the future.  But can the good times continue?  Emerging markets analyst Patrick Bergzon joins us to discuss investment prospects for one of the world's largest and most interesting emerging markets.

After discussing the Russian market's importance for Carlsberg in the August 28th episode, we again look at Carlsberg, whose stock was hit this week by news of a proposed change to the country's alcohol sales laws. We discuss Jyske Bank's take on what the news will mean for the brewery giant, and its subsidiary Baltika Breweries,  in the long term.  We also preview Bang and Olufsen's first quarter report, which comes next Thursday and discuss why the short term looks to be tough for the luxury audio and video producer.