Martin Wolf, Financial Times: Troubled times for capitalism

July 01, 2009

We must anticipate solid regulations of the capitalist system, says Martin Wolf of the Financial Times, one of the world’s most well-reputed economic commentators.

Karl Marx would have been delighted and will his predictions eventually come true? Martin Wolf discusses the issue in the interview with Dr Mads Qvortrup at the editorial office of the Financial Times in London.

Camera/editor Jesper Jakobsen. Produced by Anette von Benzon,


Bio: Martin Wolf is the co-editor and chief economic commentator of the Financial Times, London. He is considered one of the world’s leading economic commentators, and heads of government often refer to his articles and statements.

He is on the boards of leading British universities, for instance Oxford; he has won many prestigious journalistic prizes, and he has received a CBE for his journalistic qualities. (CBE is a British order. Commander of the British Empire).