Monstrous traffic jams: something went wrong

March 25, 2010

Even though you may sympathize with environmental or low emissions zones, it is difficult to translate the concept into actual practice.

Asheem Singh is an expert on roadpricing. He pinpoints the sore points. He has advised the Mayor of London on roadpricing i London and is far from happy today.


Cameramen: Mickael Yde Katballe and  Thomas Klock. Produced by: Mads Qvortrup and Anette von Benzon,


Bio Asheem Singh:

Asheem Singh  is deputy director of Res Publica and is an advisor within the Shadow Cabinet Office. Originally from the North East of England, he was the David Blank scholar in Law at St Catherine's College, University of Oxford, before taking an MA in Creative Writing from the UEA.

In 2008 he was a policy aide to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. His accredited publications include 'The Global Political Monitor' (2007) 'Dynamic Benefits' (2009) and 'Housing Poverty' (2008). His research interests lie in social investment and civil society, the arts, technological and democratic innovation, and he sits on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's Poverty Strategy Group.