Piedmont - a gourmet´s paradise

December 03, 2010

In Piedmont we find some of the best wines in Italy. The area is also known for the famous and very expensive white truffle. And the area boasts one of the largest concentrations of Michelin-starred restaurants.

We are going to tour Piedmont to visit some of the best producers of wine, food and truffles.

We visit the family owned restaurant "Da Felicin" - one of the most popular restaurants in the region. The restaurant has existed since 1927 and is especially known for its classic Piedmont dishes made from scratch.

We also visit Tartuflanghe - which is a company specialised in making delicaties with the white truffle.

We visit the wineyard Andrea Oberto - which makes and eksports the famous Barolo wine.

And we visit the 2-star Michelin restaurant "Piazza Duomo" located in the city of Alba. The restaurant has won awards for its unique style this goes for its design as well as its composition of ingredients.