Slower Growth in Autumn

August 18, 2010
Equities Analyst Per Hansen and Global Strategist Ib Fredslund Madsen return after a long summer break with their outlook for trading and portfolio investors in the months that lie ahead. 

Expect slower growth in spite of one of the best reportings seasons in US history, says Hansen, who adds that weak earnings expectations and disappointing macroeconomic indicators will continue to give the market jitters in the coming weeks.

Ib Fredslund Madsen says the slowdown combined with the ongoing European debt crisis could also hit China and impair its monstrous growth in the fall - especially in the real estate and building sectors.

Madsen discusses a concrete portfolio move that could help insulate European investors as a preview to Jyske Markets portfolio outlook due later in the week. The fall 2010 outlook will be available in the market information section of