The Chief Strategist: Ceasefire spikes optimism in the markets

December 03, 2018

Chief Analysist Kim Fæster gives a brief summary of the most important events on the financial events this week:

  • G20 - Did Trump and Xi reach an agreement?: Xi and Trump have agreed on a ceasefire, which means that negotiations will take place the next three months. If no agreement is reached, the rates will be increased. But the current agreement on ceasefire has given optimism in the markets.
  • Will Powell confirm the "Powell Put"?: Powell has indicated that FED will not raise interest rates as much as expected. He is speaking on Wednesday and we listen whether he repeats that wording.
  • Can OPEC stop the declining oil prices?: Oil prices have fallen by almost 30%. Therefore, OPEC countries meet on Thursday-Friday and are likely to agree to lower production by one million barrels a day.