The Chief Strategist: PMIs for november and brexit creates nervousness

November 19, 2018
Chief Strategist Ib Fredslund gives a brief summary of the most important events on the financial events this week:
  • Flash PMI's: Key figures for November. The market are nervous for slowdown outside of the United States. Last month, the figures disappointed, but markets hope they will remain stable this month.
  • Brexit - Chaos or relief?: Does Theresa May remain prime minister, and is Brexit going through? There are many questions about Brexit at the moment, but we expect the agreement to be voted through in the end, but not without bumps on the road.
  • Update on event risks: Brexit continues. The trade war continues as well. Italy is also undecided. They are awaiting EU's respond to their budget. The mid-term election went on as expected. And the rising oil prices have been swept off the table. So two down and three to go.