The Chief Strategist: The next job report must show that the recovery continues

October 01, 2018
Chief Analysist, Tina Winther Frandsen, gives a brief summary of the most important events on the financial events this week:
  • Job Report and growth indicators from the US: It is primarily the United States that is keeping up the growth, while Europe and China have slowed down a little. We expect the ISM to show that the US recovery is moving at a solid pace. In relation to the job report, we expect that job growth will slow down, but will still be solid.
  • The Italien budget Saga: The new government in Italy tests both the EU and the markets with the launch of quite a large financial easing in 2019. Without funding. We are watching the comments from both the EU, Italy and rating agencies a week. So far, the situation seems limited to Italy, although Friday generally resulted in red numbers in the stock markets.
  • Brexit: New signals in May's speech?: After the EU summit in Salzburg last week, the mood has worsened between the UK and the EU and the risk of a no-deal Brexit has risen. We are listening to any new signals from Theresa May, when she givea a speech to the conservative party conference on Wednesday. This can especially affect the pound.