The Woodward Report: Electrifying the Industry

April 29, 2010
Once a toy for kids and nerds, electric cars are sleeker, speedier and sexier than ever.  In this edition of The Woodward Report, we talk to Lars Overgaard, a program manager at the Danish Technological Institute and former electric vehicle developer at Scania. Lars points out that the technology for electric cars is already here, but that utility companies and municipal authorities must catch up to support the new requirements that electric vehicles will create.

One place those three entities are cooperating is San Francisco.  Here, charging stations will soon be written into building codes and companies like Better Place are working on plans that they hope will make driving an electric car a reality for millions.

It is not just giants like Better Place who are going after electric gold.  Small entrepreneurs like Lynx, makers of what might be the world's fastest electric car are also putting the pedal to the metal.  We visit Lynx to hear a little more about it's electric adventure.