The Woodward Report: In search of The Big Idea in Cannes

June 28, 2010
The Woodward Report goes to the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival in search of the "Next Big Idea" in Advertising and Communications.

For most of the last half century, the advertising industry has been fixated on ”The Big Idea” - or finding that one sublime story or creative idea that could sell. When mass media was our only way of communicating, the big idea made big sense.

But in the face of new medias like Facebook and Twitter and with Web TV and Google Ads taking more and more of the advertising budgets of most companies, some in the ad industry are asking whether ”the big idea” still counts.

We went to Cannes to talk to some of the people whose job it is know what the next big idea in Advertising might be - among others, we spoke with:

Jon Landau, Film Producer
Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere
Lars Bastholm, Digital Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy and Mather
Nick Law, Chief Creative Officer R/GA
Brian Morrissey, Digital Editor, AdWeek

and more...

What did we find out?  Tune in to The Woodward Report and see for yourself.

Producer: Jesper Ravn
Reporting: Brian Woodward