The Woodward Report: The World's Best

June 17, 2010
Brazil is known for Soccer and Samba, but its economy could also be called the world champion of growth.  Brazil is the ”B” in the so-called BRIC quartet of growing world economies and a country with low debt and huge potential. Jan Nellemann from Jyske Invest talks about what lies behind Brazil´s success - and what may lie ahead.

Ken Fisher is one of the world's most renown investors.  His secret is solid research and looking at the behavioral reasons that lie behind decision making.  We spoke with Fisher, a columnist for Forbes Magazine and CEO of Fischer Investments, about what it takes to become one of the world's best investors.

Finally, a trip to gourmet paradise.  Paradise for guests, at least. Behind the scenes at NOMA, which was recently named the World's Best Restaurant by Restaurant Magazine, perfection is the result of excruciating hard work, planning, experimentation and clear vision.  CEO Peter Kreiner explains.

By: Helene Gottschalk Shukla, Lasse Engelbrecht, Brian Woodward
Editor: Brian Woodward
Producer: Jesper Ravn