The Woodward Report: There's No Business Like...Football!

February 03, 2012
In Forbes magazine's rankings of the 50 most valuable sports clubs in the world, a majority are NFL clubs. But how can a sport with limited worldwide appeal outperform clubs that play the other kind of football (soccer), which marketing experts say has at least 10 times as many fans worldwide? 

One answer lies in the very business model of NFL clubs, which requires all clubs to share revenue and accept competitive regulation.  It is a profitable form of socialism, and one that European football clubs may be heading towards.  Beginning with the 2012 season, UEFA will implement the Financial Fair Play Rules in hopes of balancing both team budgets and league competition.

Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes, Mike Davis and Richard Alm of SMU and Brett Daniels of the Dallas Cowboys talk about why this form of "socialism" is so profitable and whether it could ever work in the context of European football.

Brian Woodward

Additional reporting:
Lasse Engelbrecht Jensen
Carina Møller Jensen