The worlds most expensive chocolate is Danish Truffle me!

January 25, 2010

Thedanish chef Fritz Knipschildt has created a brand offering the worlds most expensive chocolate. His La Madeleine au Truffe is a most expensive lady – and he has no qualms about mixing spices in the most expensive Valrhona chocolate.

Business is excellent – and he has won all sorts of prizes.


By Lasse Engelbrecht Jensen. Cameraman: Thomas Idorn Hass

Bio of Fritz Knipschildt:

Already at the early age of thirteen, Fritz Knipschildt began to work for restaurants around Europe. While working as a chef, he slowly began to experiment with chocolate and decided to pit himself against the best in the US. In 1999 he began making his chocolates in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City, and they became so popular that his business quickly turned into a success story.

In 2005, he opened the restaurant Chocopology in South Norwalk, Connecticut, and today it is part of his successful franchise concept.